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Cashe' Clark

Owner/Head Baker & Decorator

Hey, my name is Cashe'(Ka-Shay), I am the owner and head decorator of Confection Queens! 

Here's a little backstory on me...

  Thinking back to when I was a little girl, I always have this fond memory of baking in the kitchen with my grandmother. She would always let me assist her(I probably wasn't helping much to be honest lol) in baking for any and all occasions. This sounds cute...but I would always drop the eggs and crack them all(sorry grandma). Fast forward to when I was about 8 years old, I would always watch Ace of Cake & any cake championship show with my mom. Duff from Ace of Cake always had me intrigued because he would use all these crazy tools to make edible masterpieces! 

  In 8th grade I was in a Career Studies class and baking was still an interest of mine. Our final project was to job shadow our dream job for 1 day. I took them up on that opportunity and found a bakery that would let me job shadow them. At the end of the day I was paid with one cupcake which I thought was the coolest thing. I ended up liking everything I did and my mom(shout out to you!) went back up to the bakery and asked them if they would let me work there...Well, they said "yes, we will give her 1 day a week for 2 hours washing dishes." I took this as a stepping stone and worked my way up to making wedding cake over 8 years.

  In high school, I decided to go to VOTECH for Culinary Arts/Baking. Once I graduated from high school and VOTECH I went to study at Johnson and Wales University in North Miami but once I got there I was learning material from high school. So, I decided to come back to Virginia and start my own business...and the rest is history!


Talia Rohs

Sculptor/Helping Hand

Here is Talia(Tal-e-uh)!


We met at the bakery I previously mentioned. While working there I noticed she was a huge nerd, amazing cake decorator and an even better sculptor. She makes some pretty cool figurines & 2D items that would blow your mind.


From that job we became good friends. She's into all things nerdy...except computers. From Star Wars to books to tea parties she covers all the criteria.

She makes all of the figurines and most of the fondant pieces on many of the cakes you see. She also comes and helps me in all of my mini cake emergencies.

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